First Words

As an opening statement it doesn’t amount to much but we all have to start somewhere and, following months of deliberation with not much in the way of “doing”, I’ve finally begun the process of acquiring basic signwriting skills.

With guidance from Jones Senior, explaining the techniques that he himself would have practised forty or fifty years ago, I’ve begun by drawing out and filling in simple letter shapes (I haven’t qualified to curves yet!), using lettering enamel and careful, clean brush strokes to achieve as straight an edge as possible.

It’s basic but fairly tricky, especially attempting to achieve precise, sharp corners, but the results of my first session weren’t too bad at all. However, I do fully appreciate that I’m going to have to do a lot of very repetitive work in order to achieve results so will be spending and any spare evenings with a brush in hand until I temper that wavering line and make it straight!

Homework involves keeping a sketchbook of ideas, and practising freehand lines, circles and fonts.

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