Out To Lunch

Along with the ongoing, slow-moving signwriting studies which seem to have been put on hold while we negotiate a manic pre-Easter rush at the sign shop, I’ve been making attempts in my own time after office hours to create some original product that can maybe be sold at a future date either via the internet or by other means.  This isn’t necessarily limted to sign work as I’m hoping to produce new screenprints and other items alongside, but I’m intending to have a few themes running through the work, whatever form it may take.

I’ve just finished the first of such items.  The initial idea came from the album sleeve to the Eric Dolphy 1964 album “Out To Lunch” and further inspiration was taken from looking at layouts and fonts used on jazz album art of the 50’s and 60’s, mostly from the Columbia and Blue Note labels.

These sleeves are, in my opinion, some of the best examples of album sleeve art, full of irregular shapes, unorthodox colours and off-kilter typefaces; as striking, bold and unusual as much of the music they represent.

I have to admit to an element of cheating however.  Though my brush work seems to be coming along fairly well, these are quite small signs and I wasn’t feeling confident enough to paint these all freehand. Instead, on this occasion I used stencils and just performed a little freehand touching-up afterwards. Sorry!!  The emphasis this time round is on design and colour more than anything and getting the experience mixing paints (I was looking for off-colour colours, referencing the aforementioned jazz sleeves but also the colours used by Margaret Kilgallen – see previous post).

Following preparation and painting of the boards I finished them off with 1-shot lettering enamel and blackboard paint.  For first attempts they came out quite well although there were some colour issues and I had to salvage a couple from the jaws of disaster.  Here they are……..