One highlight from a recent jaunt to Spain (albeit a fleeting one) was an overnight stay in Saragossa. Intended only as a way to break the six hour plus road trip from Bilbao to Barcelona, we managed a good couple of hours of wanderings around the old town (mainly in a quest for food!) and took in amazing buildings, statues, fountains and happened upon these lovely pieces adorning a small shop tucked into a side street. If it weren’t for a fairly tight schedule I would have stuck around in Saragossa.


In an ongoing search for ideas and inspirations, mostly fueled by the internet, it’s sometimes easy to forget that tucked away in a small backroom workshop, a few yards away from where I’m often sat arranging signs on a computer screen, there’s a bespectacled old fellow who’s been doing this stuff for over fifty years now. I give you………..Vaughan Jones.
p.s. Excuse the audio. Some muffled dialogue about “bastard lettering” and a faintly audible dripping tap!