Mo and Glastonbury's signboards“Working on one side of a barn near the farmhouse is the signpainter known as Mo. Over the years, his distinctive signs have become part of the festival branding, but Mo is reluctant to call it anything as grand as a font. “It just evolved,” he said, “like things do. I’ve been doing it for 20 years and I am doing about 40 or 50 signs a day at the moment.” Mo starts work just under a month before the festival begins and this year hopes to be rewarded by seeing Seasick Steve play.”

From an article by Vanessa Thorpe in this weeks Observer.  I’m off there myself this week for the sixth consecutive Glastonbury festival working with the recycling crew on the Pyramid stage. The 6am starts are a little harsh but it’s always worth it.

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lining brushes 2 lining brushesMore treasures unearthed from the workshop shelf. Not sure when these were last used. They belonged to my grandfather’s father-in-law who worked as a coach line painter – various lining and lettering quills along with a nice deposit of grease for maintaining those chisel-shaped tips.

They were passed on to my grandfather and my father after him. I don’t think he’s used them, or at least not for some time, but we inspected them and they would appear to still be in working order. May have to get them active again.