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Remember when I first started this blog and I posted up some signs that I’d made, little hanging signs they were, with a chalkboard square and “Out To Lunch – Back in ___ minutes” on there in nice fonts and colours. Well they’ve been in a box ever since and, while most weeks I would entertain the idea of putting them up for sale online, I never got round to it. Until now…..

This is my first endeavour selling “product” online and these were my first hand-painted signs. I probably won’t make anything like this again as I had to use some stencils for the smaller text and my aim is to paint everything freehand from now on, using pounce techniques etc. So I’m hoping that future product in the shop will primarily consist of one-off pieces that I work on in my spare time. If they’re of a high enough standard I’ll put them up for sale.

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Casual Lettering

Prompted by the arrival of the second volume of Colt Bowden‘s zine “How To Paint Signs & Influence People” I decided it was high time I took a break from the attempts at painting perfect lines and block alphabets to something with a little more flow and character.  So here are my first casual letters and, hopefully, my first steps in creating my own lettering style.

DSCN4174The zine, which you can purchase through Bowden’s etsy page, has taken a step up in quality from the first edition, which covered the basics of painting egyptian and block letters.  It feels like a sturdier publication all round and features contributions from several renowned sign painters along with a hefty input from the Pre-Vinylite Society. These contributions are helpful in highlighting the individual touches that a signwriter brings to their casual lettering – copying established typefaces is one thing, but here you have unique lettering styles developed through time and practice, that simply can’t be replicated by a computer.

DSCN4175Following the welcome arrival of the above publication I took a trip into deeper Dorset on a small camping excursion which included a stop in Bridport. If you’re a book lover this place is a dream and I managed to find this for a mere couple of pounds…..


Prince Albert

988608_630482500304183_1459895780_nA small diversion away from signpainting. My friend Darryl Bennett, alias Sinna One, has been working on this mural on the Prince Albert pub in Brighton along with fellow artist REQ, posting some nice work-in-progress photos on his facebook page along the way.

Darryl is a commissioned street artist and, although he uses spraypaint instead of the One-Shot enamel favoured by most of the artists featured here, I was so impressed by the scale of this piece I had to share it.

1002406_615734628445637_657010132_n942636_622572284428538_21598036_nCheck out his page for more photos and examples of his work and exploits.

Sinna One


Death To Vinyl!

DeathToVinyl1 “…bemoaning the sad fact that most signs are either digitally printed onto or digitally cut from stickyback vinyl. It always looks so noncommittal to me, as if you don’t really intend to keep your shop open for more than a year or so. A good handpainted sign shows that you plan to stay, and are serious about your enterprise – you MEAN it!”

The words (and work) of Jim Medway – a Manchester based man of many talents who I happened upon just this week while browsing the Pre-Vinylite facebook page for inspiration. Much as I’m reluctant to dismiss vinyl completely, after all it does pay my bills (and probably will for some time), I do agree with the above sentiment.

Medway is, from the information gleaned via his website, first and foremost an artist and published cartoonist who also runs educational workshops in schools and community groups. He also seems to be increasingly involved in hand-painted signwriting.

OldSchoolWildStyleI’m enjoying his work very much. Take a look for yourself……

Jim Medway

Paw Quality Comics