Progressing at a glacial pace

Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of spare time for blog-postin’ of late, and work itself has been all about the vinyl – and lots of it! We’re experiencing an influx of work that has been a challenge to keep on top of at times. Of course this is a good thing but it means I’ve really had to fight to steal time away for my hand-lettering practices. I’ve just about managed though, and here are some of the most recent results.

Above is one of my more satisfying recent practice boards (I’m too embarrassed to show you the really bad ones!).  I can definitely feel things developing – my lines are getting straighter, corners getting a little more precise, and casual letters are beginning to feel more casual. I’m also starting to ease off the pressure on my brush. When I first began I would often get pins and needles in my fingers from clutching the brush too tightly. With practice my grip has relaxed and I’m achieving better flow on the brush strokes.

METhis next piece I made for a friends’ birthday, M.E. being his initials. Just a standard pounced design onto painted plywood. I was pleased with the outcome and liked the colours.

DSCN4584And this is one I made for a customer. I had to match some existing signs so I had to try and copy someone else’s casual script style.


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