Motivational Signwriting

Just finished a nice half term project at a local Poole-based school, painting inspirational quotes on the walls.

We had previously handpainted a Nelson Mandela quote at the same site about a year ago, and they were so happy with the results that they asked us back to add Albert Einstein and Malcolm X to the walls.

I managed this contract on my lonesome while the boss recuperates following a replacement hip operation, so I was particularly keen to do a good job in his absence.


2 thoughts on “Motivational Signwriting

  1. Finally it’s not another vinyl on the white wall. Plus not another sans-serif (I do try my best to promote serif at the moment)! This is really great, I hardly seen (or never seen one before) any lower case b with a foot bracket serif and the terminal on descender of lowercase y finish off like that. Again, I think it is a great, you have combined the characteristic of display typeface with body text typeface.

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