What if………….

Silver JewsLatest practice board using a mixture of pounced artwork and text, along with some freehand lettering using the smaller brushes from my kit.

The words are taken from “Inside The Golden Days Of Missing You”, a song written by David Berman, American poet and songwriter with the band The Silver Jews.


Yet more Powers!

It’s always good when your interests overlap.  Already something of a regular on these pages, Steve Powers has been busy painting walls for the latest Kurt Vile & The Violators album “Walkin’ On A Pretty Daze”, released on Matador records.

Wakin-on-a-Pretty-DazeThis follows his previous foray into the music world, with the sleeve art he illustrated for the JJ DOOM album last year on Lex Records.


Head Of A Cuban Whatnow?!!

Here’s some images from my first large-ish print project – a 3-colour screenprint applied to 100 recycled card sleeves for the EP launch of some Bournemouth band with an odd name!!

Actually, it’s my band and, eager to test some new skills and keep costs down, we thought it would be worth having a crack at some DIY CD artwork.  My original thoughts were to create something using paper stencils as I don’t have access to an exposure unit to create anything more detailed. First proofs didn’t really work however and with a CD release date fast approaching I came up with the above featured design with lioness (I like to think she’s yawning!).

I instantly liked it but had no idea how I was going to get this done, seeing as my resources stretch from non-existent to basic.  The band seemed to like it too which was good news and a little terrifying.

I started looking around for work contacts who might be able to help with screen exposure and was met with high costs and, in some cases, doubt that the image would even work as a screenprint. With little choice but to persevere (I hadn’t considered coming up with a back-up plan!), I enlisted the generously offered assistance of one Neil Leonard, curator of the wonderful Houschka music nights in Poole who also just happens to be a top designer / lecturer / printer.  Neil selflessly helped with the exposure of the screen, battling a serious bout of the flu in the process and, four days prior to release date, I had a successfully burned lioness image on my screen raring to go. I managed to get the prints finished over the following three nights, it would take me roughly 90 minutes to 2 hours for each run of a hundred.

The rest of this enthralling blog episode is reveled below in pictures

To hear the EP click on the link below:

Head Of A Cuban Trojan

Some info on Neil Leonard’s work can be found here:

Show & Tell Pop-Up Shop