Smart Casuals

P1020526I just thought I’d post on my progress with casual lettering. As I’ve mentioned before, this is one of the most instantly gratifying styles of hand-lettering as you are essentially creating your own signiature handwriting style and you don’t require to necessarily do much in the way of setting out or pouncing designs onto your work – just get some guidelines chalked out and you’re off.

Progress was slow at first but once you’ve learned the brush strokes and gotten to grips with them, things start to move along quite rapidly. I’ve been working on these for a month or so now and I’m starting to feel some advancement. I’m now at the stage where I’m getting fairly confident with painting to a pounced design, but it’s something else entirely if you can achieve freestyle hand-painted letters

Obviously some letters are coming out better than others and, as you can see from above, it will take time to gain the required consistency. But once you get a couple of letters looking good it can become quite addictive.


Casual Lettering

Prompted by the arrival of the second volume of Colt Bowden‘s zine “How To Paint Signs & Influence People” I decided it was high time I took a break from the attempts at painting perfect lines and block alphabets to something with a little more flow and character.  So here are my first casual letters and, hopefully, my first steps in creating my own lettering style.

DSCN4174The zine, which you can purchase through Bowden’s etsy page, has taken a step up in quality from the first edition, which covered the basics of painting egyptian and block letters.  It feels like a sturdier publication all round and features contributions from several renowned sign painters along with a hefty input from the Pre-Vinylite Society. These contributions are helpful in highlighting the individual touches that a signwriter brings to their casual lettering – copying established typefaces is one thing, but here you have unique lettering styles developed through time and practice, that simply can’t be replicated by a computer.

DSCN4175Following the welcome arrival of the above publication I took a trip into deeper Dorset on a small camping excursion which included a stop in Bridport. If you’re a book lover this place is a dream and I managed to find this for a mere couple of pounds…..