Shop Open!

Remember when I first started this blog and I posted up some signs that I’d made, little hanging signs they were, with a chalkboard square and “Out To Lunch – Back in ___ minutes” on there in nice fonts and colours. Well they’ve been in a box ever since and, while most weeks I would entertain the idea of putting them up for sale online, I never got round to it. Until now…..

This is my first endeavour selling “product” online and these were my first hand-painted signs. I probably won’t make anything like this again as I had to use some stencils for the smaller text and my aim is to paint everything freehand from now on, using pounce techniques etc. So I’m hoping that future product in the shop will primarily consist of one-off pieces that I work on in my spare time. If they’re of a high enough standard I’ll put them up for sale.

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