A Love Letter To Brooklyn : Part 1

Back from first trip to NYC.  Truly a remarkable city and a difficult one to experience in a week.  Thankfully we centred most of our activity to Brooklyn as we were located in the Greenpoint / Williamsburg area and, although we couldn’t not take time out to visit Central Park, experience Halloween in Greenwich Village, catch a band at The Bowery Ballroom and take the Staten Island Ferry, we generally kept visits to Manhattan to a minimum, so enamoured were we with Brooklyn’s charms.

Lost! My wife and brother-in-law consult map, I take photos.

Compared to the dwarfing city across the East River, Greenpoint and Williamsburg were reassuringly scaled-down with an industrial feel that could be considered offputting by some.  But after exploring we found some gems in amongst the warehouses and the area soon became a comforting respite from the chaos of Manhattan.

I also took the opportunity to photograph some of the local sign work and found some good examples, providing an interesting contrast to the overwhelming lightshow that is Times Square.

We will return.