A couple of cinema related items for this post. The first are a series of hand-painted poster cards featuring some amazing lettering and illustration by U.S. signpainter Ira Coyne, whose work featured prominently in the Sign Painters movie and book directed by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon.

You can find the rest of these on the Sign Painter Movie Flickr Set.

IMG_5700 IMG_5712 IMG_5688The second item features the work of highly regarded Dublin signwriter Kevin Freeney.  These are some of the signs he hand-painted for the Ambassador cinema in the eighties:

3882303582_2ba4b6ce52 3882304074_8eb401fe05_o 3882304812_be67241584_o(1)It’s hard to imagine something with as quick a turnaround as a cinema sign actually being hand-written, especially considering the scale of these; which is why, along with the obvious artistry on display, I find these photos so astonishing.

For more examples of Kevin Freeney’s work please follow the link to the Gentleman Of Letters Flickr page.

The Talking Boards Of Ira Coyne

Ira Coyne seems to be a name held in particularly high esteem with any folk interested in striking sign work. As well as being a signpainter by trade he has also contributed his work to galleries and exhibitions throughout the United States.

Here are some shots from an exhibition he staged last year in Portland, Oregon featuring these beautiful hand-painted ouija boards: Spirit Universe – Talking Boards Of Ira Coyne:

ira-coyne-handpainted-sign-mouse-lg ira-coyne-handpainted-sign-red-eyes-lg ira-coyne-hello-sprit-spirit-board-lg ira-coyne-spirit-board-red-fox-lg ira-frog ira-racoonYou can see more here along with other examples of his work.