“…..I’m a loser, baby!…..”

It would seem that most signwriters in their early training go through the practice of painting endless pages of straight lines and O’s in an attempt to grasp the basics and ending up with sheets and sheets of something close to binary-code.

I’ve done plenty of this myself during the last year (see earlier posts) and, though I can appreciate the benefits of repetitive work, I also believe that it’s equally important to try and work on “pieces” – something where you have an end result, no matter how good or bad it turns out. If they turn out well I’ll prop them up somewhere in the workshop to chart progress, if they fail I’ll paint over them and begin again.

So here we have the latest, some Beck Hansen inspired Spanish from the lyrics to “Loser” (and why the hell not!?).

The purpose of this piece was to try and begin developing my instinct for layout. With most of my work the computer does this for me so here I wanted to sketch out the text without resorting to compasses or rulers or guides of any description – all I used were a couple of horizontal pencil lines and the rest was all free-hand.  It was also a chance to try out a range of different thickness brushes. Most of the text consists of good solid lettering but the more detailed elements – the shading and the outlines – allowed me to use smaller brushes, the type I’ve not really had any experience with.

The results are as wonky as I expected although not as bad as I feared (now there’s a quote for the work CV!).