Cinema Typography Inspiration

I’ve been getting lots of typography inspiration from old black and white movie title cards, with some notable examples in the B-movie and film noir genres.

Wonderful vintage typefaces brought to monochromatic life with inventive backdrops and imaginative shadow and visual effects.

Here are some of my personal favourites……

dawn_title a85e9a4aecdb828b255c7470f783f7fc cda97d4d02548849f2fd7cc343fe0b82 nothing_but_trouble__title_card_ hellsangels1930dvd old-maid-trailer-title youngamerica1932dvdr The-Day-The-Earth-Stood-Still-movie-title-screen-movies-2074178-640-480 02468dcaa8a4848fce256fb4443f4e67 in-a-lonely-place 6beecfd28613f1ad2044e6e4b9417abb tom-dick-harry-movie-end-title-screen-shot


DSCN4403For many years one of the most commonly utilized tricks of the sign painter is the use of projected letters and shadow.  As E. Sanderson puts it in his essay published in The Modern Signwriter (1954) “..the representation of any style of letter which is cut out of solid substance and has three-dimensions, ie. length, breadth and thickness”.

Above we have my rather primitive early attempts to get to grips with these tricks.

Below we have some further examples taken from the same E. Sanderson essay.

Cast Shadows by E. Sanderson

Cast Shadows by E. Sanderson