The Low Down

Here is a slow and fairly uninteresting video I took while on a job this week. It does take a while to paint that zero – in my defence I was working approximately four inches off of the ground and in conditions I’m unaccustomed to.

The close of 2013 has found me thrown into some fairly interesting projects and, though I’m still in the early stages of my progression, these projects have provided me with some valuable experience. After the first twenty minutes on this job, it soon became apparent that I was about to learn some of the problems that can be encountered while hand painting letters outside in the British winter time.

We were on site in Totton, Hampshire where we had to signwrite three crane weights measuring 3 metres by 800mm each. We attempted to pounce the letters onto the concrete blocks using chalk but we immediately encountered problems with damp. Despite wiping the surfaces dry prior to pouncing, the chalk lines would soon evaporate as a new layer of moisture settled upon the concrete. On top of this, the masking tape we were using to hold the pounce patterns in place was taking off the existing layer of paint from the concrete blocks!

We then had to resort to hand-drawing the letters out in white pencil, a method that was time consuming but at least ensured the letters remained in place long enough to begin applying paint. With no break in the clouds and little warmth the surface would not stay dry for long and it grew increasingly difficult and frustrating trying to paint to the lines.

What followed was a fairly testing day – progress was slow and the morale waned on many occasion as we struggled with a surface that was unworkable. We had to abandon the job at 4pm due to the rapidly receding daylight and made plans to return the following day to try and finish the work.

Despite a wary anticipation about returning to the job, not helped by a thick morning mist that seemed reluctant to shift, leading me to predict another fraught day, we seemed to hit a good spell. We had managed to negotiate the use of a gas powered heater which the staff on site very kindly powered up for us. This kept the surfaces dry and we managed to power through the remainder of the work along with second coating where required and touching up the numerous areas that had proved problematic the previous day. Here are the results……

DSCN4459And the moral of this story……. Signwrite in the summer!!

Shop Open!

Remember when I first started this blog and I posted up some signs that I’d made, little hanging signs they were, with a chalkboard square and “Out To Lunch – Back in ___ minutes” on there in nice fonts and colours. Well they’ve been in a box ever since and, while most weeks I would entertain the idea of putting them up for sale online, I never got round to it. Until now…..

This is my first endeavour selling “product” online and these were my first hand-painted signs. I probably won’t make anything like this again as I had to use some stencils for the smaller text and my aim is to paint everything freehand from now on, using pounce techniques etc. So I’m hoping that future product in the shop will primarily consist of one-off pieces that I work on in my spare time. If they’re of a high enough standard I’ll put them up for sale.

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