A few bits and pieces that I’ve been messing around with of late, in between my real work……

The main purpose of these has been to try and develop some freehand skills, trying to rely less on pre-pounced artwork. With the saw, I just loosely sketched the layout in white pencil and painted over the top, adding freehand shadow, lining and flourishes afterwards. For the flourishes on the handle I used a Swirly-Q – a long, thin brush often used for intricate and twisty detail and lettering. It’s a brush that I’m keen to get to grips with.

The Trouble With Signwriting

Iphone 001

The trouble with signwriting is that no sooner have you learnt your ABC’s, than you’re presented with a brand new set of ABC’s to contend with!

Some examples from my current practices, getting to grips with small freehand letters – these measuring approximately 20 – 25mm.

Iphone 003

Iphone 005

Iphone 007

Two Little Mockingbirds

Iphone 014

First of all, apologies! My intention was to keep this blog supplied with a fairly steady stream of posts and, having just noticed the last time I posted was all the way back in February, I’m struggling to understand where the time has gone.

Things, as ever, are hugely busy in the workshop and there certainly aren’t a shortage of things to write about. For the moment I just wanted to post a few photos from a very recent job undertaken for a good friend of mine who is about to open a wonderful new shop in the Boscombe / Pokesdown area of Bournemouth.

Iphone 010

It was a fairly straightforward job, just a white logo painted onto a pre-painted background, although the surface of the fascia was a little aged and weathered which made it a little difficult to get the lines perfectly straight on the first coat. But the customer was very happy, and insisted on a photo of me and the boss in front of our work.

Iphone 016