Yet more Powers!

It’s always good when your interests overlap.  Already something of a regular on these pages, Steve Powers has been busy painting walls for the latest Kurt Vile & The Violators album “Walkin’ On A Pretty Daze”, released on Matador records.

Wakin-on-a-Pretty-DazeThis follows his previous foray into the music world, with the sleeve art he illustrated for the JJ DOOM album last year on Lex Records.


A Love Letter To Brooklyn : Part 2

Take the subway to downtown Brooklyn and turn the corner from the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station and you come face to face with “A Love Letter To Brooklyn” the latest piece from renowned street artist / sign painter Steve Powers a.k.a. ESPO.

Following on from “A Love Letter For You” and his work in Philadelphia where he took old, decrepit buildings and breathed new life into them with huge murals full of optimistic slogans and messages, Powers was commissioned to do similar with this Macy’s Parking garage. It was completed in October 2011.

Having seen photos of the work prior to visiting Brooklyn I knew what to expect, yet was still taken aback when I first encountered the piece.  It was bold and striking but at the same time it was just a part of the downtown Brooklyn landscape and we, the small-town British tourists with cameras out and heads directed skywards, appeared to be the only people paying attention.

From browsing the blogs for information it seems that the piece has divided local opinion on its merits. As an outsider I was impressed and considering the building it adorns is fairly ugly, claims that the work is an eyesore seem a little unfair. I can only see it as an improvement.

A Love Letter For You

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