Two Little Mockingbirds

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First of all, apologies! My intention was to keep this blog supplied with a fairly steady stream of posts and, having just noticed the last time I posted was all the way back in February, I’m struggling to understand where the time has gone.

Things, as ever, are hugely busy in the workshop and there certainly aren’t a shortage of things to write about. For the moment I just wanted to post a few photos from a very recent job undertaken for a good friend of mine who is about to open a wonderful new shop in the Boscombe / Pokesdown area of Bournemouth.

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It was a fairly straightforward job, just a white logo painted onto a pre-painted background, although the surface of the fascia was a little aged and weathered which made it a little difficult to get the lines perfectly straight on the first coat. But the customer was very happy, and insisted on a photo of me and the boss in front of our work.

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