Xmas Workshop

Xmas Projects

Happy New Year from Signblanks!

A more substantial post will be up here very soon but, in the meantime, here are a selection of hand-painted projects I managed to complete for xmas gifts in December, for friends and family.

The bucket is for a friend who lives on a canal boat. I thought it would be a good opportunity to try my hand at some canal boat roses.

Freebird & Hogtown

I had every intention of writing a final blog in December, just to round things off nicely before entering into the new year.  Unfortunately I hadn’t foreseen an unusually hectic pre-xmas workload which barely left me time for the usual festive preparations, let alone maintaining a blog.  It’s good to be busy though as this is often a quiet couple of months for us.

I did however find a couple of spare evenings to work on some gift ideas for family.  The first of these was for my father-in-law who, if you were forced to put a label on him, I feel calling him a “biker” wouldn’t be too wide of the mark. Anyway, I wanted to come up with something that wouldn’t look out of place in his shed and tried to combine elements of tattoo and bike art along with inspiration from the Lynyrd Skynyrd song of the same name which I recall went down very well with him and his friends at his 60th birthday bash last year.

Free BirdAs time was running out and things were so frantic during office hours, I was very close to just running off a stencil for this piece, mainly so I would have some outlines to work to.  I decided against this option though, preferring to test myself and get some good practice in at the same time.  I designed the piece in illustrator and created a print out which I used to pounce the image onto the board. I then painted freehand over the top.

Being fairly happy with the finished product and overcome with a flush of confidence (along with a gift predicament for my brother-in-law), I decided to embark on another small project.  My sister and brother-in-law have a number of hedgehogs residing at the end of their garden and are quite involved in maintaining their well-being and health in conjunction with a local hedgehog hospital.  So I made him a town-sign for this newly established hog colony……

photo(14)photo(13)Once again I was keen to do this freehand so I used the same technique to create a pounced image on the board and tried to keep to the lines as well as I could. This was mostly successful but the border came out  a little shaky and I had to use some tape to clean and straighten up the edges.

So… two flawed but satisfactory pieces that were, nonetheless, gratefully received by their target audience.